The Final Stretch: How to Finish the Next Five Weeks Productively

Maraya Wahl

Staff Writer

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Although students may not realize yet, we are in the final stretch of our school year!  With roughly five weeks of classes left, it may be easy for people to check out of work and not stay focused.  Summer may be around the corner, but there are many things that can be done to finish out the year as a productive student.

           An important start is to stay in the good habits that have been created throughout the school year.  Some students cut hours out of their day to focus on studying, and breaking the habit now would not be a wise decision.  With the weather starting to get nicer, there will be some good places outdoors where students can study and enjoy the warmth and sunshine at the same time.  Being dedicated to classes is also a good habit to keep.  The temptation to skip a class here or there may be a prominent one, but finishing out strong will be helpful for final exams and final grades that will make or break the overall grade.

           Along with keeping good habits, creating new habits with the better weather would also be a good way to not only end the school year but to start a healthy summer plan.  Getting exercise can be a hassle when it is brittle and cold outside, and access to a gym is not always the easiest thing.  Now that there will be more sunny and warm days, going outside for a jog or taking walks with friends can keep your metabolism up.  By sticking to a consistent exercise schedule, it becomes much easier to focus and helps your body to feel better.  Eating healthier foods such as fruits and vegetables would be a choice worth making as well.  These healthy foods will be grown more naturally now that the warmer weather is nearing, and buying it locally could also benefit the community.

           Lastly, making goals, whether short-term or long-term, can help to keep your hopes up and maintain focus.  Short-term goals to focus on a specific assignment in a class will be beneficial to getting work done even when you may not feel like doing anything.  Dedicating a set amount of time to any type of work ends up being a great tool to success and time management.  Long-term goals, such as keeping up your GPA, can be incentive to do your best.  Other goals that can continue into the summer can also lighten your mood and give you something to look forward to continuing.  Examples of this may be starting a garden, being involved in something in your community, or getting a job.    

           Despite the effort that may need to be put into these final weeks, it will be worthwhile and will make for an easier summer.  You will not have to worry about grades or other classes, but can focus on all the great things that summer has to offer.  Although it may seem tedious, implementing healthy habits and goals into your life will make you feel better and make these final weeks be much easier than they would be otherwise.



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