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The Five Most Underrated Aspects of Wilmington College

As students who attend a small college, it is easy to forget all the good qualities we fell in love with in the beginning.

Photo from Wilmington College App

5.) The Beauty of the Campus

Wilmington maintains a beautiful campus that we sometimes take for granted. We don’t notice the grass isn’t cut until it scratches our ankles as we’re taking a shortcut to class. Professor Allen Beatty reminds everyone what a beautiful campus we have by continually posting pictures on the app (Thanks Allen for making sure we all appreciate the beauty). As sophomore, Amy Snyder said, “Listening to leaf blowers or mowers while I’m trying to nap is sometimes worth it.”

4.) The Size

With just over 1,100 students on campus, it makes our school one of the smallest 4 year institutions. To many students this means a boring time on campus; to many other students, it means extra assistance they may not have received at a larger school. Sophomore Kennedy Horn said, “The deciding factor for me coming to Wilmington was the size because I knew I would be a person here and not just a number at a bigger school.” Despite our size we have: over 20,000 hours of student service hours, over 50 clubs and organizations, and 18 intercollegiate sports.

3.) The Professors

The Wilmington students are lucky enough to receive a lot of one-on-one attention from their professors. My personal experience has been nothing short of amazing with professors who want to see me succeed and are willing to go the extra mile to provide support.

 4.) The Town

Not only does Wilmington College have some pretty impressive qualities; the town of Wilmington is pretty neat. For those who grew up in small town– this place feels perfect and regular. Those who did not have some adjusting to do. The city, however, does offer a lot of discounts to their college students. 10% off Donatos, Everyday Chic, and For the Love of Ink? Yes, please. As told to everyone during freshmen orientation: “You all are now part of the community, and we welcome you with open arms.”

“You all are now part of the community, and we welcome you with open arms.”

5.) The Eclectic Range of Events

Wilmington values diversity and that is evident in the events put on by the College and its students. Depending on what type of things you like to do: Wilmington is bound to host an event that you’ll enjoy. Everything from Fright Night, drag shows, jazz music, comedians, and live bands. Sophomore Jared Shoemaker said, “As a photographer I like that Wilmington offers a lot of events that I can take pictures at.”


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