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The Quake: Flock To Service

This Saturday, April 28th, the Student Leader Executive Board (SLEB) will be hosting “The
Quake.” One might find themselves pondering the question, “what is the Quake?” If you do
find yourself pondering this question, do not fret. The Quake is a student-initiated service project
where students will be placed at tremor sites and help businesses throughout the community.

This experience allows students to hone in on Wilmington College’s Quaker value of Service and
Civic Engagement. Volunteers will be placed into small groups, led by SLEB board members,
and they will disperse into the community to serve.

This years Quake theme is “Flock to Service.” The shindig will be decorated with flamingos,
pineapples, and beach items galore. SLEB asks that volunteers wear clothes they are not afraid
to get dirty.


Check-in begins at 12:00 PM at the Pyle Pavilion. Lunch will be served at 12:15 and groups will
arrive at their tremor sites around 1:00 PM and volunteer services will be executed until 3:00
PM. After a day of service has been accomplished, groups will return back to the Wilmington
College campus to reflect and evaluate the day of service until 4:00 PM. If more information is
needed or accommodations need to be made, contact the President of SLEB, Keni Brown.

Kelly Johnson, the Public Relations Chair on SLEB, shares, “I am excited to make such a
powerful impact on our community.”

The Student Leader Executive Board is thrilled to work with such eager volunteers and they are
looking forward to this coming Saturday.

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