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There’s a New Place in Town

“Papsy’s Place” is a frozen yogurt and sorbet shop that just opened on West Main Street during mid-July. Unlike any other frozen yogurt place, Papsy’s Place allows you to purchase your cup before you serve yourself. $3 for a four-ounce cup, $5 for a ten-ounce cup, or $7 for a fourteen-ounce cup or homemade waffle cone; Papsy’s Place is quite affordable. The flavors available to choose from change regularly – they can range from pistachio to dragon-fruit sorbet. The first time I visited, mango tart was available and just recently, so was cake. In total, there are six flavors to choose from at any point in time, and once you have all the frozen yogurt your heart desires, there is a variety of toppings to add to your dessert.

The array of flavors isn’t the only thing I liked about Papsy’s Place. The business is situated in an older house and the atmosphere it gives off is welcoming and charming. The sitting area inside is vibrant with pinks and blues coloring the tables and chairs. The room is a cozy place to sit with friends and look out the window and watch West Main Street. Additionally, there is outside seating on a beautiful patio with plants and fairy lights around the tables to make these pleasant fall nights even more magical.

I have been to Papsy’s Place several times now, and each time the workers are always nice and helpful; on top of that the frozen yogurt is delicious and the atmosphere is pleasant. I would recommend stopping by whenever you have a few dollars because the frozen yogurt is worth it. Besides, it is a cheery place that will always brighten your day.

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