Thousands attend livestock judging contest

Henrik Hornaess
Photography Editor

More than 1000 high school students from around Ohio competed in Wilmington College’s Livestock contest Wednesday.

The contest is an opportunity for young students with a future in agriculture to show off their skills at judging swine, sheep, horses and beef and dairy cattle. This was the 54 annual Livestock Judging Contest at Wilmington College.

The competition is known as the largest of its kind east of the Mississippi and one of the largest attractions in the country when it comes to agriculture; typically it is among the first competitions of the year.

It is the WC Aggies that host the competition as community service. They share their animal judging expertise in an event in which high school students seek to perfect their skills for upcoming contests. The contest features WC students inside a pen with as many as 10 sheep, hogs, or cows. On the rails of the enclosure, the high school students observe the animals and judge the quality characteristics of the animals in each class while the Aggies manipulate the animals around the pen, ensuring everyone gets a good view of each animal.

WC’s Livestock Contest in pictures:

AGcontest1 AGcontest2 AGcontest3 AGcontest4 AGcontest5 AGcontest6 AGcontest7 AGcontest8 AGcontest9 AGcontest10 kopi

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