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To Freshmen and Their OWLs, Summer Orientation Continues Its Impact

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Summer Orientation. You loved it, you hated it, you didn’t care about it. Whatever your feelings on it were, it’s over now. You’ve settled into college life, either barely coping, or kicking the crap out of it. Go you, you’re awesome. However, at times when you feel you’ve made it, or even when life is getting you down, always make sure to look back at the past and see what kind of adventures you’ve already had. For many of you, ‘Summer O’ was the first step out of Mom and Dad’s door, so let’s look back at the heart break, the fun times, and the boring, extremely long days we all had to get through.

Orientation Welcome Leaders (OWLs)

For Lindsey Clement, a freshman who was lucky enough to go on that Plunge escape with all those cool people before school started (you know who I’m talking about), she was ecstatic to start ‘Summer O’. Though the long days and boring classes may have dampened her spirits some, she was quick to rebound once she met with her OWL, Maddie. Borrowing tin foil and other household supplies wasn’t the only thing Maddie has done for Lindsey. She was also a fantastic school resource and paid close attention to the other members of her Nest. Lindsey was glad she made it through those grueling four days and has ideas for different games to get to know more people and be prepped for a long day.

Kadie Grundy, a freshman, agreed with Lindsey about the excitement to finally start a long-awaited dream. She did however feel that the Title IX (9) could have waited until later in the day to begin as, she shared, it burned us out hearing about Title IX so early.”

Kadie was granted the wonderful OWL Sophia, who could not have been more helpful. She stays in constant contact with her Nest and helps anyone who asks a question. “Sophia is the Dopest person in the world!” Yes, an actual quote from Kadie herself.

Be open-minded and talk to new people, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.” – Kadie Grundy, Freshman

Kadie’s advice included,Be open-minded and talk to new people, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.”

Jayme Mabry, a second-year OWL that many referred to as “Mom,” elaborated some on the tough training OWL’s must go through before freshmen arrives. “The weeks of training and prepping does have some advantages, like meeting new and interesting people, getting some killer time getting to know the staff, and having those secret ‘ins’ with the staff.”

Overall it was an awesome experience for her. She became an OWL primarily because when she was a Freshman she didn’t feel very connected to her OWL and Nest at the time and wanted to be able to have people depend on her. She is still in contact with her Nest from this year and is always offering help to those in need. Jayme also said that one of her favorite things about being an OWL is “watching the freshmen change from being those shy little teenagers we all know to those brave souls who raise their hand to ask a question every five minutes.”

For most OWLs and their Nests, ‘Summer O’ was enjoyable. The new Freshman class has passed the Summer Orientation test. You survived the worst of it, so far. Good Luck!

Sam Stanley

Sam Stanley is currently a Sophomore at Wilmington College. He has a year of writing for The Witness under his belt and the drive to write more detailed stories and better articles. He is excited to start diving deeper into journalism and uncover the stories that will make you think and see from a new perspective.


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