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Valentine’s Day… Difficult or Easy?

Finding the perfect Valentine’s date idea can be a challenge, especially for the hopeless romantics that dream about the perfect Valentine’s date weeks or even months in advance. For the couples that do not know what to do for their significant other, cosmopolitan has cute date ideas for just the occasion.

“It was so simple yet so perfect. Best Valentine’s Day ever.” —Isabel, 20

According to Cosmopolitan Magazine, the top twelve date ideas for Valentine’s Day include:

  1. Making a romantic homecooked meal, including candles, music, and a cute present.
  2. Going out for breakfast or brunch, spending the rest of the day relaxing at home.
  3. Preparing a meal together and taking your significant other to the first place you met.
  4. If in a long-distance relationship, book a flight and go see your significant other! (see #7)
  5. Finding a special spot on campus to share a meal.
  6. Playing favorite music, trail of rose petals to the living room with all your significant other’s favorite things.
  7. Visiting in a long-distance relationship
  8. Going on a hike.
  9. Cuddling and watching a movie!
  10. Indoor picnic
  11. Going on a road trip
  12. Ordering take out and watching a movie.

“It wasn’t the most extravagant date but it was the sweetest.” —Michelle, 22

For some people, Valentine’s Day can be tough, but knowing not only that many other people are in the same boat and the number of articles and magazines that are available to help in times of need, Valentine’s Day can be a piece of cake. Topping it all off with a sweet and romantic gift, the night will be one for even the hopeless romantic will remember.

Samantha O'Brien

Samantha O'Brien is a double major of English and Education. In her free time, she loves to read and sing. She is also involved in the college's chorale.


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