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Valentine’s Day Special: Student Love Stories of Wilmington College

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Growing up I’ve heard two different stories from people that went to college. They either met their best friend and life-long friend at their college or university, or they found the love of their life. Maybe even both. In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’ve included some stories from students and past students of Wilmington College that found their partners while attending college.

Lexi and Que

Lexi Mahaffa, a junior at Wilmington College, met Que after leaving her introduction to psychology class when he came up and asked her if he could write a poem for her. After saying yes, she returned to her room. Later that night after a knock on the door, Que returned wanted to spend time with Lexi and talk. Lexi says, “We sat and talked for a long time about who we were, where we came from, your typical getting to know each other conversation, from then we just hit it off. Little did I know, that the boy that was sitting in my room that night would be the man that I would be absolutely in love with today. I had found my soulmate.”

Nate and Abby

Nate Dean, a graduate of Wilmington College, met his fiancé during his time on campus. She worked in the Herman Court weight room and he went to the workout and noticed her there. Even though they lived a floor apart from each other in Pickett, and only 30 minutes from each other’s houses, they didn’t meet until their sophomore year. Nate says, “We kissed by the rock per tradition, graduated in 2016, and got engaged in July of 2017. We are to be married in September of 2019!”

Anna and her significant other

Anna Carnevale, a junior at Wilmington College, met her boyfriend her freshman year. They sat by each other in English, and although they didn’t talk much, it wasn’t until hanging out with a mutual friend that they hit it off. Anna says, “Freshman year there is so much adjusting to do, and it was really nice to have somebody to lean on and trust so early on in school. I am an exercise science major and he is an athletic training major, so we have a lot of classes together. It’s awesome because we can help each other out when we need it. He’s my best friend and I’m really lucky to have found someone like him on campus!”

Annika and Jhordan

Annika Lieurance, a senior at Wilmington College, met her boyfriend Jhordan Lang while they were juniors at Big Walnut High School in 2012. When they graduated from high school in 2014, they continued their education at Wilmington College. Annika says, “Wilmington has been the best place for us together, we have both made so many friends and our relationship has grown stronger! We are both seniors and will be graduating in May!”

Maraya and Matt

Maraya Wahl, a senior at Wilmington College, met her boyfriend Matt while he was playing basketball in the fall of 2015. During this time, Matt had long hair, and as Maraya was walking past the basketball court, he asked her for a hairband. After realizing that they were both involved in Greek life, toward the end of the semester they started talking and began hanging out almost every day. Maraya says, “Honestly over the years, we’ve grown a lot, both individually and as a couple. Since this is our third Valentine’s Day together, I’m just really happy to have him in my life and it would have never happened if we weren’t both at Wilmington College.”

I hope everyone’s Valentine’s Day is filled with lots of love, laughter, and tons of chocolate😊! Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I hope everyone’s Valentine’s Day is filled with lots of love, laughter, and tons of chocolate😊! Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Samantha O'Brien

Samantha O'Brien double majored in English and Education. In her free time, she loves to read and sing.


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