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Wands for Wildlife Drive Good for Health and Environment

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SLEB will be hosting Wands for Wildlife drive at Wilmington College until December 4 to send mascara wands to North Carolina.

Mascara only has a shelf life of three months once opened. If used for longer it could potentially lead to an eye infection due to the bacteria that grows on the brush. The wands will be used to help remove fly eggs and larva from the animal’s fur. They work well because the bristles are close together. They will be used to help small animals like ducks and rabbits.

“I really appreciate Wands for Wildlife’s purpose.” – Jayme Mabry

Jayme Mabry, SLEB member

Jayme Mabry, member of the Service Leaders Executive Board (SLEB) and host of the drive, said, “I really appreciate Wands for Wildlife’s purpose. Mascara wands do not decompose because of the plastic, and the mascara that stays on the brushes are not good for the soil, so this makes all kinds of sense.”

If you are interested in getting rid of your brushes, Mabry will be collecting until December 4, and you can bring them to Pyle Box 580. There will then be a washing party on December 5 to send the brushes off.

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