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WC Students Able to Attend Philanthropic Leaders Recognition Dinner

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feature photo Christine Snyder (left), credit to Randy Sarvis

On October 20, a small group of Wilmington College (WC) students attended the Philanthropic Leaders Recognition Dinner, a celebration honoring Wilmington College’s leadership donors and Sam Marble Society members.

The students in attendance are actively involved on campus in a number of ways and represented all that the donors can do for the college.

Amie Denkenberger, Director of Leadership Giving

Amie Denkenberger, the Director of Leadership Giving, says, “We want [students] to have fun and network! This is a great way to meet some of our alumni, donors, board members, community members, and VP’s at the College.”

Students stood at tables to share about the previously-titled Multicultural Affairs (now Diversity and Inclusion), travels sponsored by gifts to the college, and more. Each dinner table had at least one student intermingled with donors, giving the opportunity for students to ask donors about their connection to WC, and giving the opportunity for donors to ask students about current affairs and their campus involvement.

Brittany Ross, junior 

Brittany Ross, a junior in attendance, shares, “Going to the dinner with over 90 donors of Wilmington College was just an eye opening experience. Sitting with the alumna and faculty during dinner allowed for me to not only tell my story, but for them to tell there’s and how much Wilmington college means to them.”

Brittany spoke with a woman who graduated Wilmington in the late 60’s and learned about how different campus was, changes in Greek life, the sit ins at College Hall, and meeting her husband here in campus.

“The donors were eager to hear the current life style and new organizations on campus and how their generous donations are helping us in more ways they could’ve imagined,” Brittany continues. “I can truly say my love and appreciation for this school has grown tremendously after this experience.”

“I can truly say my love and appreciation for this school has grown tremendously after this experience.” – Brittany Ross

The dinner was hosted in the basement of CSS as a way to symbolize the continual growth of the college and the importance of having the space for these types of gatherings.

Senior David Henry shared a reflection on his time at WC and what it has meant to him. President Jim Reynolds spoke about the role of philanthropy at WC. Christine Snyder, the Sam Marble Society President, recognized and inducted new members in to the Sam Marble Society.

Maraya Wahl

Editor of the Witness. Maraya is a senior majoring in Business Management and Political Science and minoring in Spanish. She is a member of Kappa Delta and involved in many ways on campus. She believes that writing is a wonderful way to communicate and express oneself to others.


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