Welcome Week 2013

Wilmington College students posing for the camera
Wilmington College students posing for the camera.

By Maraya Wahl

Staff Writer   

This is an exciting week for Wilmington College!  There is an entirely new group of freshmen coming  to begin their education, and they are also given the chance to be involved in the fun activities that are found around campus.  Last week was orientation week, and many students have already started friendships with one another.  The week was filled with a range of activities from service projects to dances, giving them many chances to socialize and have a good time.  Although people are starting to get familiar with their classes and their classmates, the fun continues to spill over.

The excitement began this week on Monday in the late afternoon and early evening with the Mobile Gaming Unit.  Many students of all ages came together to do things such as play video games and participate in “Just Dance”.  Music played from the center of the campus, inviting anyone and everyone to get involved.  An incoming freshman named Rachel Wallman shared, “The Party Podz activity was a lot of fun today! I am also looking forward to all of the other great activities planned this week!”  It is just the beginning to everything that will be available, to not only freshmen, but students of all ages.  Another freshman, Janae Wicker, stated, “I had so much fun in the party pod!  I will definitely be sneaking into Welcome Week next year.”  It is an event to be excited for each year at WC.

Schedules have been placed in the Pyle boxes of each student to remind them of these Welcome Week activities.  There will be nights of different themes, with entertainment of all sorts.  Coming out to the events with new friends is a great way to start getting involved in the many things available at Wilmington College.

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