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“Why Did He Like Her Picture on Instagram?”: Social Media and Relationships

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“Why did he like her picture on Instagram?”

We have all heard this question from a friend while listening to passing conversations, or more embarrassingly, we’ve said it ourselves. Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram have become a vital part of our everyday lives: scrolling through social media has basically become the 21st Century version of reading the morning newspaper. Social media in turns puts a lot of pressure on modern-day relationships. However, I am not an expert and this all based off of my observations.

Jealousy is part of every relationship, and some people believe it even shows you care about your significant other, but today there is an influx of what we get jealous about that our parents didn’t have to worry about. Some people worry about who is Snapchat best friends with whom and who is that guy that just tweeted at your girlfriend? Jealously has increased with the rise of social media.

Sophomore Gabrielle Moscato-Goodpaster said “Social media made me expect more and gain less. I see all the amazing dates and people doing the unexpected for the ones they love on social media. But when it comes to reality, it’s not about the element of surprise it’s about compromise.”

“When it comes to reality, it’s not about the element of surprise it’s about compromise.” – Gabrielle Moscato-Goodpaster, WC sophomore

With social media there tends to be a lack of privacy in regards to relationships. The whole world can recognize when some couples are arguing or going through a rough patch because someone is tweeting. If people can keep their relationships private, then outside factors won’t get to input their two cents and people can work out problems themselves.

An alumna of Wilmington College, Julie Karg said “Social media puts pressure on relationships. Everybody thinks people have these perfect relationships because they only post the good stuff. We don’t post the heartbreak, and I’m glad we didn’t have Facebook. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. We never had to compare ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’ relationships and what everybody else was doing. Also, you never had to text somebody within so many minutes before or call them back right away. I think we are more distracted by social  media. Back in the day, we had a real conversation. It’s not about sex, but physical conversations. We knew people on a deeper level.”

“I think we are more distracted by social  media. Back in the day, we had a real conversation.” – Julie Karg, WC alumna

However, on the bright side social media can bring us closer when dealing with long distance relationships and it is an excellent way to show your appreciation for your significant other publicly.

Featured image from https://studybreaks.com/culture/negative-effects-social-media-can-relationships/.

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