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Why I Ride My Bike 10 Miles to School

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Riding bicycles has many benefits to offer, such as increased cardiovascular fitness, improved flexibility, weight loss and many more things to gain when going for a ride. Of course, to really see those changes on average you must ride a bicycle anywhere from thirty to forty minutes at a time which translates roughly to 15 miles and hour. However, those aren’t the only reasons I ride my bicycle.

For one it saves me a ton of money when I don’t have to fill my gas tank up every week just to make the trip into town. Also, it gives me a sense of freedom you really can’t get with driving or walking for that matter. When you feel the air flow past you at 20 miles per hour with nothing but you, your bike and the road, you’ll know what I mean.

Biking route on the way to school

I started riding seriously back in the summer of 2015, I would borrow a bicycle from the place that I worked at the time and that’s how I would get around the ginormous warehouse facility. Then when I got home in 2016 I began riding the old bike that my dad had. First, I had to clean it up though as it was covered in cob webs and rust. I could tune it up with what I learned on YouTube, aired up the tires and I was off. I tracked every road within five miles of my house, every day I went out and road for five hours at a time. I’d take a break when I needed to, and I kept pedaling when I wanted to see more. You would be amazed at the scenery that’s just a few short miles from where you are now. It really lets you get in touch with your surroundings.

When I started working at the Holiday Inn, I figured I could always ride my bike there, after all it’s only 2 miles from my house. So, every weekend I hope on my bike rain or shine, and I get outside. You always see something new no matter how many times you’ve ridden the same path. It kind of sucks that there aren’t more bike paths around town, expect for the one that goes in behind the college and around the town. I went to Michigan for a few days last year and they had bike trails that went all over the entire state. When I was up there I was able to ride 70 miles from the border of Ohio and Michigan up to one of the Great Lakes just by using bike trails.

You always see something new no matter how many times you’ve ridden the same path.

It truly is an experience worthwhile when riding a bicycle. Luckily for those of you who want to get into it more the old YMCA next to CSS offers a few stationary bike classes which is great to start out.

After College I plan to join a program called Bike & Build, It’s a program where you bike across the country with a team and build low income affordable housing. I’ve had a few friends do it and say it’s an experience unlike any other!

I’m not one to brag, and I don’t like the people who constantly talk about how biking ‘is such a cool thing!’. It’s a great way to get around for sure, and it does allow you to be healthier. But you can get the same if not better results from walking just three miles a day. Recently a few students and faculty members have been talking about starting a bike club. I’m not sure if it’s still a thing that is being planned but if you’re interested talk to some of the professors who have expressed interest in a bike club to get the ball rolling!

Sam Stanley

Sam Stanley is currently a Sophomore at Wilmington College. He has a year of writing for The Witness under his belt and the drive to write more detailed stories and better articles. He is excited to start diving deeper into journalism and uncover the stories that will make you think and see from a new perspective.


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