Thursday, 18/10/2018 | 3:34 UTC-4
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Wilmington College Earth Day Kick Off

Wilmington College Agriculture Department held an Earth Day Kick Off on April 20th in the Pyle Parking Lot on campus.

Agriculture Professor Chad McKay showing sophomore Ryan Faulconer one of his hobby tractors from home

The Agriculture department presented three tractors, a sheep, a goat, a fresh (right from the college farm garden) make your own salad bar, gave away mini trees for people to plant, and let you write on the sidewalk something you would do to help save the Earth.

“I was able to stop by the Earth Day activities briefly,” shared student Maraya Wahl. “I was one of the first forty to arrive, so I was able to take a tree home and write in chalk on the sidewalk how I plan to help the environment.”

Daija Joseph

Daija is a junior majoring in Agriculture Business. She is a member of Kappa Delta Sorority, Relay For Life Committee, Aggies and is a Student Ambassador on campus.


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