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Wilmington College Rallies Against Cancer!

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This past Saturday, the annual Relay for Life event commenced on the Wilmington College campus. The committee, consisting of nine members and two advisors, did an amazing job facilitating and organizing this event. Kadie Grundy, the National Days and Philanthropy chair for the Service Leader Executive Board, was the leader on this massive project. Her committee consisted of: Anna Buck, Cody Martin, Ariana Riccardi (myself), Hannah Edge, Hannah Davis, Katie Hill, Laura Swinehart, and Tiffany Kim. The two advisors assisting Kadie were Keni Brown, the President of the Service Leader Executive Board,  and Chip Murdock, the director for Diversity and Inclusion.

Kadie Grundy

Kadie Grundy is a Sophomore athletic training major and this is her first year facilitating anything like this. Relay for Life was a huge success this year and raised over three-thousand dollars for the American Cancer Society. All of the money raised will be directly implemented back into the cancer research field. With Relay for Life being such a massive success, I asked Kadie her favorite part about the event. Grundy replied, “the most rewarding part about working Relay for Life this year was working alongside so many powerful individuals on this campus.” A ton of organizations, Greek life included, showed up to help raise money for the American Cancer Society. Grundy continues, “I was blessed to work with such a strong-willed and determined group.”

The luminaria portion of Relay for Life was breathtaking. For those who are not familiar with the luminaria tradition, this is a time of reflection. The reflection remembered those who lost their battles and honors those who survived. Many students stepped forward to deliver a person testimony about how cancer affected them, and everyone in the room respected one another. The Wilmington College organizations who attended carried themselves in a manner that showed respect for the event, but they were not afraid to have fun at the appropriate times. Many contests were held for people to “one up each other” but when it came time for solidarity, everyone stood together.

A few other fundraisers that were held during the event were a spelling bee, champion being Cody Martin, a silent auction, and a lip sync battle, champions being Kappa Delta and Lambda Chi.

Money was raised, fun was had, and, most importantly, awareness was brought to the focal point of everyone in attendances minds. Anyone can be a catalyst for change, the first step is believing in oneself by taking action.

Ariana Riccardi

My name is Ariana Riccardi and I am a Sophomore majoring in Political Science with a minor in History. I am an avid reader and I love to write. When I am not writing newspaper articles, you can find me watching The West Wing or hanging out with my friends. I am very active on campus. I am apart of the Honors Program, the Peace Corps Prep Program, I am an RA, PR for Amnesty International, SLEB Grand Socials Chair, APB Comedy Chair, a peer mentor, secretary and PR for RSA, Fundraiser Chair for the Relay for Life Committee, Westheimer Peace Symposium board member, It's On Us member, Student Alumni Association, and NASA.


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