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A Close Look on Ohio’s Issue 1

On Nov. 6, 2018, the United States is holding the Midterm General Election. There are many issues that we, as voting Americans, will be facing during this upcoming election. And As Ohioans, we have several issues and candidates to choose from during this voting session.

On the statewide ballot we have Issue 1 which focuses on reducing penalties for crimes of obtaining, possessing, and using illegal drugs.


  • Ohio spends roughly 1.8 billion dollars a year on our prison system and the inmates that reside within. If the police department makes fewer arrests with drug offenders, then that will save Ohioans extra money.
  • Issue 1 requires misdemeanors instead of felonies for repercussions of low-level drug possession. It will also require felons to perform community service, treatment for their addiction, and local jail instead of state prisons.
  • The issue expands upon earned-credit programs – qualified people can be considered for release if they participate in rehabilitation programs.
  • Inmates who are a danger to public safety will not be released. This means felons convicted of murder, rape or child molestation won’t benefit from this issue.


  • Harmful drugs like fentanyl, heroin, and meth will result in probation-like status which means lighter punishment for drug offenders.
  • Children may see these drugs as less harmful and not as offensive.
  • Drug traffickers will see Ohio as low-risk, so more will move in.
  • Treatment for addiction is not provided or required by this amendment. Addicts are on their own for becoming sober.
  • Drug traffickers, human traffickers, aggravated robbers, and others will be eligible for up to a 25% sentence reduction.
  • Issue 1 is not federally funded and shifts the costs to local government.
  • Speculation about savings is not the same as dedicated funding.

For more information on the Ohio Ballot and its candidates and local issues check out the website:

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