A Day in the Life: “The One with the SGA President”

img_5097If she’s not climbing out of the pool, working in the SGA office, or heading off to a Kappa Delta Sorority event, one would probably find our student body president hanging out in her apartment watching Friends and online shopping.

Elyse Spraul is a senior business management major and economic minor. Besides SGA and Kappa Delta, she is involved in water polo, SAAC, and is a four-year member of the Wilmington College swim team. It’s safe to assume she’s not catching any four hour mid-day naps like some students.

During swim season, which started in mid-September and runs through February, Elyse’s day starts between 5:50 and 6:40 a.m. with a two hour swim practice. After practice- and breakfast, of course- she heads to class. This semester, Elyse is taking a variety of courses including Stocks, Bonds, and Investments and Money and Banking. For that, we take our hats off to you, Madame President, and wish you the best of luck!

Elyse Spraul (pictured in the middle) with other SGA members
Elyse Spraul with other SGA members

After classes, Elyse heads to the SGA office to “make sure group organization’s needs are being met, [to] make sure board members are completing assigned tasks and to answer emails from students and/or faculty about SGA or budgets.”  As part of her SGA duties she also meets with Sigrid Solomon weekly and President Jim bi-weekly; in total she attends about three or four SGA related meetings a week.

According to Elyse, an average day ends with “making dinner for my roommates then [going] to the library for study table hours for swimming or doing homework in my apartment.”

Yikes! How can one person possibly balance all of these commitments, let alone find time to sleep or have a social life? Spraul said, “What gets me through the hard days is knowing that I can have a cup of tea or coffee and relax when I really need to.” She has learned the art of stepping back for a brief moment to regain prospective. Undoubtedly, Many WC students could learn a thing or two from Elyse when it comes to stress management.

“What gets me through the hard days is knowing that I can have a cup of tea or coffee and relax when I really need to.”

When asked why she decided to attend Wilmington, Elyse had several reasons. “I really loved the swim coaches.” She continued, “I’d be attending college with three of my brothers, which was actually nice, even if they can get on my nerves sometimes.” Spraul also indicated that the small size of the campus and unique quality of the business department professors were also factors in her decision.

Elyse participating in her Greek organization
Elyse participating in her Greek organization

In no time at all, Elyse and the senior class will be passing the torch to the next generation of WC students. It’s not an easy transition to imagine, but Elyse said she hopes “people will continue to get more involved and find a home at Wilmington [and] know that they are never alone here.”


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