A Lifetime of Theatre


Ashley Fox

Staff Writer

            On Thursday, October 31st, Wilmington College Watson Library held an Open House to dedicate Lew Marcuson and his collection of theatre books dedicated to the library. Marcuson served as a Wilmington College faculty member in different roles of the theatre department from 1957 until 2002. He was honored for his dedicated leadership and scholarship for the campus community and theatre department.

            Lew Marcuson decided to generously donate his personal collection of theatre books last year in 2012. At that time, the Watson Library had them on reference but students were not allowed to check them out. However, with three extra hired staff students, and the committed members of the Watson Library staff made it possible to catalog Marcuson’s books. His own section of theatre arts books are now in circulation and available for all students to use. These books go from the Greeks to contemporary theatre today- exemplifying not only the lifetime of theatre but the lifetime of Lew Marcuson and his journey of learning and teaching Theatre. Between fifteen and seventeen hundred books were donated from Marcuson and his family along with several posters hung up in the library. All of this work was made possible by the Marcuson family, and the many helping hands of the Watson Library staff and Wilmington College community.

            The celebration of learning and renovations did not stop at this however. Watson Library received funding for a new circulation desk that was remodeled by Terry Cabinet Makers who designed and built the brand new desk. The stone-topped desk features the Wilmington College crest at the center- almost as a reminder for students that exploration of knowledge and learning are at the center of the staff’s hearts at Watson Library. There were many other generous and honorable donors who received recognition for their continuous dedication and contribution. When our campus community comes together, it shines the lights on those who have helped us to reach farther, dream bigger, and achieve greater things here at Wilmington College. 

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