Austin’s Casual Eatery & Bar

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             Austin’s Casual Eatery & Bar was open for business on September 3rd, and the town has been abuzz ever since. Steve Stovall, owner and professor of business at Wilmington College, decided the town needed something new – a tapas restaurant. Tapas is a Spanish style of dining where you order, essentially, many different appetizers to share with those at your table. Smaller portions mean smaller prices. Sort of.

At Austin’s, there isn’t a huge selection, but there is something for everyone. The greatest thing was being able to enjoy something different. Buffalo chicken lettuce wraps are something you don’t really find in a small place like Wilmington and something that sounds absolutely wonderful. But the small amount of chicken on a lettuce leaf left something to be desired – MORE! These small, spicy, delicious lettuce wraps are mouth-watering, but in an order of only three, and costing $7, they leave you craving more.

One of Austin’s more well-known menu items is the B.A.M!. That’s right, the Big A$$ Meatball. And indeed it is. The plate is designed to be shared – a meatball the size of a grown man’s fist is placed on the edge, smothered in hearty marinara sauce and topped with cheese. Next to it is another size of marinara for dipping and garlic bread chunks. While the bread chunks were a little on the hard-to-chew side, the meatball itself was delicious. Cooked perfectly, the meat was seasoned with an even amount of salt, pepper, and other spices to pair great with marinara. For $9, it’s definitely enough to fill you up.

The atmosphere of the place is absolutely beautiful. “Austin’s is a casual yet elegant place to bring your friends and family for lunch or dinner. It offers new and unique foods to Wilmington.” You can dress up for a date night, or dress down for a night with friends, and you’ll never feel out of place. Many of the locals are thrilled to have something different finally around to enjoy. “Just what Wilmington needed! A good place with awesome food!” and “Nice to have a new restaurant and concept in town, food was very well thought out and my wife and I loved the menu. Food was terrific. I can’t wait to try more!” are just a couple of the things people have been saying.

Austin’s brings a new light to Wilmington. It’s the perfect little hangout, and with mouth-watering food and the friendliest wait staff in the city, Austin’s definitely is the place to be. Just make sure you bring your wallet.

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  1. AvatarAnna Mae Rosenow

    I had the crab cakes. At first glance, I didn’t think it would be enough but I was wrong. The richness of the cakes and aioli filled me up. The seaweed salad was very pretty and delish! I too, can’t wait to try more! I hope this concept succeeds. It’s a nice addition to downtown! Staff is top drawer!

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