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Director of Enrollment Success Attended Nov. 5 SGA Open Meeting

The Student Government Association (SGA) hosted its weekly open meeting on Tuesday. All members of the Wilmington College community are invited and encouraged to attend these meetings as it is a direct form of communication to the student government.  

Approximately thirteen people attended the meeting. They represented SGA, APB, Admissions, Sodexo, Quaker Thunder Pep Band, and The Witness.

Below are the topics presented by the SGA board of the Nov. 5 meeting:

Kaleb Hubner, the vice president of administration, reported that he was working on hanging up a display on the SGA bulletin board that featured the members of the Student Senate.

Chase Menchofer, the vice president of faculty, alumni, and trustees, reported that he is working with Wil Overholt to plan an upcoming SGA forum which will occur on Dec. 2.

Chris Zody, the vice president of SGA, reported that there would be a Student Senate meeting after the SGA open meeting. They planned on discussing their constitution and letters to the library.

Nate Johnson, the vice president of finance, reported that he has turned in all budget-related paperwork that he had received. He is considering revising the student organization budget template so that it is all on one page.

Logan Schroer, the vice president of elections, reported that he is revising the election packet for the SGA elections that will take place next semester. 

Overholt, the vice president of public relations, reported spotlights for the Senate members had begun to be posted on SGA’s social media. The scrolling announcements in Pyle Center are still available for all campus groups. Content must be submitted as a JPEG file. 

Kameron Rinehart, the president of SGA, reported that SGA will host a “faculty and staff appreciation get-together” on Dec. 2. He also said that everything else was going good.

Sigrid Solomon, SGA’s adviser, reported that Marlena Allen has been recently hired as the assistant to the vice president of student affairs and dean of students. She is replacing Tina Dell.

Other topic points presented by non-SGA attendees include:

APB reported several events they would host during the week of Nov. 5. On Tuesday, Nov. 12, APB is hosting Grocery Bingo in the T.O.P. On Nov. 16, a trip to a rock climbing facility will be taken. A poll on social media will be published the week of Nov. 11 asking the student body what basketball game they would like to get tickets for. 

The Quaker Thunder Pep Band submitted a budget proposal. They wish to repaint their music stands and want to use SGA funds to cover the costs. 

A Sodexo representative asked for feedback regarding the dining services.

Tammi Carpenter, the associate director of enrollment success, asked SGA their thoughts on how to improve retention rates on campus. Carpenter explained that the current freshmen retention rate is in line with the national average at approximately 67 percent, but the goal is to raise it to the mid-70s. 

A task force on campus, directed by President Jim Reynolds and headed by Cole Dawson and the success coaches, has been created to establish a first-year advising program. In this program, first-year students would not meet with an academic adviser but with a first-year adviser that goes beyond the realm of academics. 

The consensus of the SGA board regarding the low freshmen retention rates is that they are low due to the lack of student involvement with on-campus activities. 

Carpenter also asked for feedback regarding the WC app. Rinehart said that SGA has been working hard to build the app and the image of the student government. He wants to see the administrative users of the student organization pages be updated, create a page for every student organization, and hold a training session with organizations to teach them how to utilize the features of the app such as the calendar. SGA will have to work with Ashleigh Wellman and her schedule to plan this training session. 

The composting program has officially been put on hold due to unforeseen issues with the composting company. Alternatives are being researched.

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