Election results stir students

Morgan Smith


Last night, Wilmington College students gathered in the Underground in Pyle Center to watch as votes were tallied for the presidential race. Students enjoyed refreshments and political conversation.


“The Republicans obviously don’t like this idea,” said Katie Wisecup, a sophomore Biology major. She stated that Issue 2 is important to her during this election. This amendment would have created a commission to take charge of dividing Ohio into voting districts; elected officials and lobbyists would not have been allowed to sit on the commission. However, Issue 2 did not pass.


Wisecup also wanted to see the school levies for Beavercreek schools pass. Her mother is a bus driver, and her job is affected by the passing or turning down of school levies. Last night only the Cleveland and Akron levies passed.


“It’s the sticker shock,” said Wisecup. She went on to say that people don’t want to pay for the levies because it is not “immediate gratification” for those whose taxes are raised to pay the extra dollars going towards education.


Junior Biology and Health Science major, Candace Pritchard said, “I am kind of bummed.” As the electoral count showed Obama with 274 votes and Romney with 204, Pritchard was disappointed in the result, saying that Romney winning the election was now a “lost cause.” Pritchard said she lets her morals and values, rather than party affiliation, steer her voting choices.


“Every college student is poor.” Gigi Anderson, a freshman in the Early Childhood Education program is concerned with student loans. When President Obama was announced as the winner, Anderson said, “I’m excited, but worried.” Anderson wants to know that Obama will keep his promises throughout his next term as President of the United States.

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