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Fall Greek Games Results After Homecoming Week

Greek games Tug of War

Greek Games started last week, with tug of war, quiz bowl, eating contest, and bed races; and will be over on Friday with disc golf.

Tug-of-war took place on October 11th at the mud volleyball pit, which DTS and lil sis ran this event. DTS and Lil Sis dominated in this event, without losing to any other team. Second place was TKB and Omega, and third was Lambda Chi and KD.

Quiz bowl and eating contest were on October 12th at the top. Omega’s ran the quiz bowl and the sweethearts ran the eating contest. For the quiz bowl each organization goes against one another and are asked a series of questions, whichever team gets to seven correct answers first wins or after five minutes whoever has the most points. According to quiz bowl Sig and Lil Sis have the brains. Following Sig was Lambda Chi then TKB. And after Lil Sis was KD and Kappa. The eating contest required the students to eat chicken nuggets as fast as they can to win. Kappa got first, then Omega, and third was KD. For the fraternities DTS won, TKB was a close second.

Disc golf was supposed to be on the 13th hosted by Greek council. This is changed to this Friday, October 20 because on the 13th the college hosted the Jenna Strong cross country meet that would be running through the disc golf field.

Kappa Delta and Lambda Chi at Bed Races

Bed races were on the 14th hosted by Kappa Delta. Bed races are when each fraternity and sorority are paired up and race on beds in front of Hermann court, making a stop to pie someone in the face and to eat donuts and juice. The results are: DTS and Lil Sis first place, Lambda Chi and KD second, Sig and Kappa third, and TKB and Omega last.

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