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Dani Krabbe
Staff Writer
The transition from high school to college is a big step in a young adult’s life. To make this move a little easier here is some advice from some people that have been around the block here at Wilmington College, the experienced and knowledgeable upperclassmen.

 Senior, Michelle Reiber advises, “Don’t be afraid to get out there and join something on campus!  It’s a great way to meet new people!” However, she says, “But don’t join too many organizations because it will become too overwhelming in addition to your school work.” Michelle has been on the Dean’s list multiple times, and has played tennis for the Fightin’ Quakers.  She is also currently the treasurer for the Delta Omega Theta Sorority. Freshmen, get involved!

Junior, Christian Patterson is also very active in the Quaker Nation. He plays basketball in the winter and participates in the high jump for WC track and field team, in which he holds the school record. He suggests, “I would tell freshmen to work hard, but also remember to have fun. Just take a deep breath and relax. You pay too much here to be stressed out all the time.”

Cody Skinner, senior swim team member

Cody Skinner is very involved here at Wilmington College. He has been on the men’s swim team for 4 years, has kept the college beautiful by working at the Physical Plant, and is currently an active member in Gamma Phi Gamma fraternity. Cody’s advice to the incoming freshmen is simply “YOLO”.  The phrase “YOLO” stands for You Only Live Once. Cody elaborates about his journey here at WC by remarking about the rapid passage of time!  He says, “These last 3 years have flown by!”

Freshmen, you will find the campus at Wilmington College is full of diverse, fun, and involved upperclassmen.  You will also find a faculty that will guide and lead you toward your degree.  Please remember, your time should hold a purpose here.  Make friends, redefine yourself, and prepare for an independent-after college life.  Good Luck!

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