‘Greek Games’ encourages friendly competition

Megan Phillips and Dylan Swormstedt
Staff Writers

Every year, members of the Greek community compete in the Greek Games.  This is a competition between the Greek organizations at Wilmington College in various events.  There were five events that took place in the fall including: bed race, volleyball, dodge ball, quiz bowl, and an eating contest. The remaining events in the competition occurred from March 25-27, plus Airband on April 3.

There were six events that took place this spring consisting of: bowling, water relay, crab soccer, obstacle course, water polo, and air band.

Rhia Batson, a senior and the President of the Delta Omega Theta sorority said, “I love how Greek games truly brings together the Greek community. The atmosphere is exciting and energetic. It is great to see everyone’s pride for their organization shine when we all compete. My favorite is air band, because the performances everyone puts on are always entertaining. Bed Races is a close second though.”

The Phi Alpha Psi Sweethearts won first place in the bowling on Monday along with the Gobblers. On Tuesday, crab soccer and the obstacle course were played.  The Delts took first in the obstacle course along with the Gobblers; while DTS and DTS lil sis won crab soccer.

On Wednesday, the swimming events took place. The Kappa Deltas and Gobblers took first place in the relay, while Lambda Chi and Kappa Deltas won water polo. In Airband, the Delts and Gobblers took first.

Jamar Roberts, a member of the Zigma Zeta fraternity said his favorite part of Greek Games was seeing the look on everyone’s face when they beat them.

The competition was fierce, but sportsmanship remained.  The top three places for the fraternities are as follows: first place- Lambda Chi Alpha, second place- Gamma Phi Gamma and Tau Kappa Beta (tied), third place- Sigma Zeta.  The top three places for the sororities are as follows: first place- Kappa Delta, second place- Delta Omega Theta, third place- Phi Alpha Psi (Sweethearts).  The Greek Games of 2012-2013 was another exciting time for the Greek community at Wilmington College.  Congratulations to all the competitors that participated and good luck next year.


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