“It’s Carrie!”: Fright Night 2013

Ashley Fox

Witness Staff

             Fright Night is an annual event sponsored by APB and co-sponsored by Horrorhound Magazine. This years 18th annual Fright Night celebrated the new Carrie movie by showing the original 1976 Tim Burton production starring Sissy Spacek. The event was on November 1st at 8p.m. following the on-campus game of Humans Vs. Zombies also organized by APB. The free event included the movies Bait, Carrie, and The Conjuring. Students brought pillows and blankets and camped out at the event as they watched the movies on a wide-screen projection at the TOP. If participants “survived” through all three scary movies they received a special themed Fright Night t-shirt. Between movies were prizes, snacks, and Tara Lydy’s famous homemade chili. The event is especially the Lydy’s favorite on-campus event as they are a part of the annual planning and the co-sponsors are also a part of the Lydy family. This years event received a considerable crowd of students and staff thrilled to partake in the event and watch the scary movies. “It encourages students to stay on campus by giving them something to do not just on a weekend, but by giving an alternative to going out or paying money to watch horror films, or to doing so in their own rooms! It’s always more fun (and scarier) to watch these movies with more people!” raved Meghan McDonough, active member of the APB staff. Halloween is an exciting holiday for the members of the community of Wilmington and for the college and continues to get people involved in events. 

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