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Letter to the Editor: How a Class Wants to Make Campus Better

Hello, fellow Quaker friends! My name is Lauren Hitt, and I am a junior at Wilmington College. Prior to the unfortunate turn of events that led to the closure of our college and is affecting our planet, communities, and families, my class was in the early stages of conducting our community change project. 

This semester, our project involves bringing awareness to campus living conditions. My class is focused on working together to create a happier, healthier, and safer living environment for all Quaker students! 

Our goal is to work with college stakeholders and help students and the stakeholders to have a better understanding of each group’s points of view. 

We want to increase retention in our college and make student experiences become even better than they already are! 

We want to give students the opportunity to take surveys about their living conditions. We also want to come together as a student body to conduct several focus groups in order to hear testimonies and have productive discussions. 

Please take this brief message as a grain of hope and remember that when we return to college, we will be working on coming together to support each other in many ways, including this project. 

Our community change class will provide more information as we gain answers while working through this trying time. For now, we ask that you continue to take care of yourselves, recover from these changes, and consider helping us with this project to make our campus a better place. 

Best regards, 

Lauren Hitt


This letter was submitted to The Witness by Lauren Hitt. All members of the Wilmington College community are welcome to submit letters to the editor, articles, photographs, etc. These submissions will be reviewed by the editorial staff and processed accordingly. Published submissions do not necessarily reflect the opinions and beliefs of The Witness. Being the student newspaper, The Witness wants to give the opportunity to its readers to have their voices heard.

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