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Letter to the Editor: The Student Senate Gives an Update

As a new organization on campus, the Student Senate has been busy establishing our purpose and creating a plan to best serve our peers. For those who don’t know or aren’t quite sure what the Student Senate does, we are composed of representatives from each academic major who attend regular meetings to discuss issues on campus pertaining to the student body.

Since the establishment of our constitution, we have been working on multiple projects to benefit the student body. The “big” project the Student Senate is working on right now entails working with the Student Government Association and Ashleigh Wellman to update the organization page on the college’s website and provide more information about each organization for prospective students. Every organization recognized by the Student Government Association should have been/will be asked to submit information for this page, ideally no later than May 1.

Finally, the Student Senate will be creating social media accounts in the near future to communicate with the student body, college community, and the public about various topics and events such as open/closed meetings. One of the most important aspects students should watch out for is the “senator spotlight” telling them who their senators and senate executive board members are. Students are encouraged to communicate any campus concerns or general feedback about the student experience to senators, no matter what major area they represent.

We look forward to hopefully seeing new and familiar faces on campus in the fall! For more information on who we are or what we do, check social media or reach out to a senator!


This letter was submitted to The Witness by Bethany Sheridan. All members of the Wilmington College community are welcome to submit letters to the editor, articles, photographs, etc. These submissions will be reviewed by the editorial staff and processed accordingly. Published submissions do not necessarily reflect the opinions and beliefs of The Witness. Being the student newspaper, The Witness wants to give the opportunity to its readers to have their voices heard.

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