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Movie Review: Mid90s

The film “Mid90s” was widely released this past Friday, Oct. 26, 2018. The film marks Jonah Hill’s directorial debut. Audiences and critics alike were extremely pleased with the movie’s quality. IMDb rates the movie a 7.8/10 while Metacritic gives it a 67% and Rotten Tomatoes released a score of 76% in favor.

Shown: Director Jonah Hill

The film boasts an incredible look back into the nostalgic 1990s with skate boards, old video games, the “classic” 90’s style, and much more. The problems of drug and alcohol abuse while struggling to figure out who you are and how to make friends puts a common twist on the film. If you’ve seen any independent film by an up-and-coming director about the life and times of struggling youth, you’ve seen Mid90s already. However, that’s not to dismiss the film for the predictability; in fact, we can appreciate the film as an art piece, a great first film in Jonah Hill’s suddenly blossoming career, but more should be expected.

Mid90s can be viewed in a variety of different ways. If you’re longing for the past of the 90s, then look no further – the movie carries all of the props, styles, and attitude the 90s had to offer while giving a story that will keep you entertained throughout the film. In contrast, if you wish to study the film as a statement, it seems to be lacking as there is no real resolution other than the faint hope of a possible ending off screen. For most, the lack of an ending cements the downfall of a movie almost instantly; however, those that are used to independent films realize that most have no endings, just like many things in life.

As stated before, if you are ready to take a look back at what the 90s were like and could have been if you lived in that decade, then go see this movie. If you do not wish to travel back in time, then Jonah Hill’s Mid90s isn’t for you.

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