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No Offense But: Greek Edition

On November 19th, Wilmington Colleges Sigma Gamma Row Sorority Inc. chapter hosted a ‘No Offense But: Greek Edition’. No Offense But has historically been hosted by Wilmington’s Black Student Initiative (BSI) group as a way to have insight on various groups on campus essentially leading the college to become more accepting of one another.

However, this time students would be able to ask question about Greek life, a world that can be full of mystery if you are not a part of it. For the entire week prior, students and faculty alike were able to submit questions that they had never gotten a chance to ask or had never had the courage to ask. Students would also be able to ask questions during the forum if a question suddenly came to them.

Once the crowd was seated and the panelists were ready, questions were randomly drawn by, Alanna Nelson, a member of Sigma Gamma Row. As Nelson asked the questions, any panelist was able to answer as long as the question was not specific to one organization. The questions varied from “Why does your sorority not have three letters?” to “Why do you buy your friends?” Although the questions varied, one thing that was consistent was the emotion each panelist had when they were answering a question despite it being hard hitting or not.

“I felt that the questions were beneficial to me learning more about Greek life and how they function as individual organizations,” says Wilmington College Student, Ellen Nilback. “ I do feel like I walked away from it feeling that the gap was briged a bit more, but I think more conversations like this should happen regularly.”

As the conversation progressed it was clear that both sides were passionate about what they believed and would not hesitate to defend their side if need be. Most of the questions sparked a conversation between panelists  and audience members alike which seemed to create a more respectful and inclusive environment.

“The Greek No Offense But was very much needed…it gave other Greek organizations the chance to get to know eachother better and for non-Greeks to get an understanding of Greek life as a whole.” says Matthew Perry, member of Sigma Zeta Fraternity member. “Overall the event was well executed and insightful; there were definitely misunderstandings and different points of views. However, everyone has their own opinions and these events allow us to understand each other more.”

Overall, both sides were able to feel a better understanding between the two. Students have expressed that they would like to continue having this event as they felt it was a new idea and a better way for students to hear each other out in a controlled and respectful environment.

“I really hope an event like this continues in the future with increased participation on both the panel and in the audience.” says Aryn Copeland, Kappa Delta Sorority member and Greek Council President.


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