Recipe: strawberry baseballs

contributed by Danielle Krabbe

As everyone knows opening day has come and gone and the baseball season is now in full swing. Hit a home a run this baseball season with these delicious and adorable strawberry treats!


  • White Chocolate
  • Strawberries
  • Red food coloring


  1. Rinse strawberries in cold water and pat dry. Note: Do not soak the berries in ice water you won’t be able to dry the strawberry enough and it will cause the chocolate to seize.
  2. Melt your white chocolate slowly by boiling slowly, make sure you don’t burn.
  3. Hold strawberry by the stem and push into chocolate, covering as much of the strawberry as possible
  4. Gently tap your hand on the side of the bowl to allow excess chocolate to drip back into the bowl.
  5. Place chocolate covered strawberry onto a dipping sheet lined tray.
  6. Let the chocolate set-up and harden by placing the dipping sheet lined tray of chocolate covered strawberries on a level shelf in the refrigerator until it is obvious that chocolate is set-up. This can take between 15-30 minutes (Note: don’t leave the chocolate in the refrigerator for too long. The chocolate can become too cold and will sweat or even crack when brought to room temperature.)
  7. Melt your chocolate using instructions that came with your chocolate. (Some chocolates require different melting temperatures)
  8. Add red food coloring to the chocolate according to the instructions that came with your food coloring.
  9. Draw 2 half circles with the chocolate sauce, like on a baseball, and return to the refrigerator until set.
  10. Once this first layer of design has set, draw short horizontal lines over the half circles to create the effect of stitching. Return to the refrigerator until set.
  11. Store in an airtight container until ready to use.

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