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Reflecting on the Kappa Delta Experience

Ever since fall of 2014, I’ve made the conscious decision to stay in Kappa Delta, and I ask myself ‘why’ all the time. Why do I stay when we will spend 20 minutes fighting about one change in the bylaws, or what color a shirt should be? Why do I stay when every semester after recruitment we stay up until the wee hours of the night trying to find who would make the perfect Kappa Deltas? Why do I stay when I have to do countless hours of community service? Why do I stay when I disagree with choices we make? Why do I stay when I put my all into things that only three people appreciate? Why do I stay when I have countless hours of homework and have to go to Kappa Delta instead? Why did I stay when I was on council and spent hours working on Kappa Delta?  Why do I stay when I’m forced to wear stupid white pants with a crop top or a jean dress with pink shoes (@Andrea)? Why do I stay when I tell people I’m in KD and they immediately change their perception of me? Why do I stay when I have to pay dues? Why do I stay when I have to dress up all the time and I just want to wear sweatpants? Why do I stay when I have to go through so many workshops when I’ve done them all before? I have a million reasons to ask why, and I have a million answers.

It’s because of the nights like senior night, where everyone had something to say about one another, showing how much love and support we have for each other. Somehow, I can say something about everyone even though I only see most of them during KD functions. It’s the nights that Shelby, Maraya, and I eat a five-gallon tub of ice cream after a meeting. It’s every meeting that I turn to Baylah or Kara and ask what is going on (even after four years I’m still always lost in meeting). It’s having Andrea call and ask if I want to go to Walmart. It’s making Karley drive to formal (I can’t say anything else because it’s not appropriate). It’s walking home after meeting with Haley. It’s having lunch with Treéce and Shelby. It’s having Suzanne text me for help with finances. It’s throwing Lamrof with MacKenzie. It’s having Rachel come over every week to watch American Horror Story. It’s every time a CAB gives you advice. It’s when all you want to do is give up and a sister encourages you to keep going. It’s meeting people that you never would have known. It’s the White Rose Dinner. It’s getting to welcome new girls on Bid Day. It’s laughing until we cry. It’s all the hardships that we’ve faced, thinking that we couldn’t possibly make it through, but we had each other to lean on. It’s candle pass. It’s celebrating when we get “Sorority of the Year.” It’s all the memories I’ve made. It’s the exciting news that we want to tell everyone because we know our sisters will be happy for us. It’s Greek games, especially air band. It’s being assigned your big, someone you know you can always turn to and help guide you through anything and everything. It’s getting your littles and showering them with gifts and love. It’s being able to mentor younger members. It’s getting an office and being more challenged than you ever thought that you would. It’s becoming more confident. It’s having people to look up to. It’s getting traits that will stay will you long after you graduate. It’s getting you out of your comfort zone. It’s meeting your best friend. It’s becoming a sister. It’s knowing that after you graduate, you are confident that the chapter will stay strong.

My time as an active has come to an end, and I just want to thank every sister that has given me memories that will last a lifetime and to thank you for helping shape me into the person I am today. I can’t imagine what my time here would be like without all of you.

“Because when you come right down to it, a sisterhood depends a whole lot less on having the right sister…than on being the right sister.”

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