Up in the Air: Frisbee on Campus


Maraya Wahl

Staff Writer

     Sports are a significant part of the atmosphere of Wilmington College, and sports with values that reflect Wilmington College’s standards are of upmost importance.  Two sports that are growing not only at a fast pace in the nation, but in Wilmington itself are, Disc Golf and Ultimate Frisbee.  The interest of students and the initiative of key members of Wilmington College staff have made these sports more of a possibility on the WC campus.

     Eric Guindon, director of the Peace Resource Center, is a Frisbee enthusiast who has taken his love of both ultimate and disc golf to a community level.  Beginning in 2009, Eric and a number of students became interested in introducing Frisbee to Wilmington.  Two years ago, prior to Eric’s status as director of PRC, he approached the city parks to have a disc golf course created.  The area suggested was Southeast Neighborhood Park, which was partially owned by the college.  In the fall of 2012, then senior Seth Faulkner introduced a proposal to student government.  He sought approval with the grounds crew, and there was communication to the Dean of Students, Sigrid Solomon and Wilmington President, Jim Reynolds as well.  In the end, student government funded the endeavor with $5000.

     However, there have been some speed bumps along the way.  There have been difficulties in the layout plan for the campus disc golf course.  It is still in the process of being thought out, but Eric states, “There has been a student interest in disc golf for a long time,” and this interest is only growing.  When Eric became the PRC director, he started reaching out to Bud Lewis, the head coach of men’s soccer, with the idea of a campus course.  Eric shares, “We are currently in the process of educating people about the significance that Frisbee can have on the campus, as well as receiving approval for the layout.  It can be an incredible recruiting tool and activity for the whole community to share.”  There have been two events to get students interested in disc golf.  There was an exhibition late last fall, and one at the Health and Wellness Fair late last spring.  The temporary course was present at the Fall Sport Spectacular this year as well.

     Various WC students and staff members are also in the process of giving ultimate Frisbee a club status.  While similar in title, it is slightly different than disc golf in nature, and it contains many values of Wilmington College.  It is a game of team work and integrity.  It is healthy, inexpensive, and very inclusive.  WC freshman Kristine Sunins was an ultimate player in high school, and she shares that “[Ultimate] involves teamwork and everyone has to rely on each other.  You have to make sure that there is communication between every player on the team, because it is vital in order to achieve the purpose of the game.”  The players referee themselves and honesty is at the core of the game.  A game has been played every Thursday night since the start of the semester and the players are hoping to receive improved lighting as the evenings grow darker.

     The link to the WC Frisbee facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/groups/114221887220/ and Eric Guindon can be reached ateric_guindon@wilmington.edu.

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