Valentine’s Day

Kaitlyn Brewer

Staff Writer

Why hate on a day devoted to love? Whether you are single or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day can be fun for everyone.

 Think back to the days of elementary. Your mom would help make your valentines box and send you off to collect all kinds of goodies. With your Nickelodeon cards, you were ready to spread the love. At the end of the day, you were left with a box full of thoughtful valentines and candy. What’s not to love?

 As you got older, you may have had a crush on someone and sneaking the ‘would you be my valentine?’ card into that one girl or boy’s box was mission impossible. At that age, it is a playful gesture, which can still be accepted in college.

 Today, there is this depressing stigma carried by Valentine’s Day. Some say it is a day that reminds the single of how lonely they are, while others claim it to be a ‘Hallmark holiday’ made for mere economic benefits. Well, I think everyone needs to stop being such a Valentine’s Day scrooge and spread some love.

 For starters, it is an excuse to eat chocolate all day long and not feel bad about it. The choices are endless, whether it is for your valentine, friend, or even for yourself. No one is judging you today, sweetheart.

 The whole point of Valentine’s Day is to show some appreciation to the people in your life. Whether it is a simple ‘you’re awesome’ to a friend or a ‘you’re hott’ to that special someone, it is all about the love and that love has been lost in today’s society. 

 In the words of Beyonce, “All the single ladies [and boys], all the single ladies [and boys]…put your hands up.” Now, look around. There are plenty of available valentines out there, so man up and ask! Being someone’s valentine is not a serious commitment. You don’t need to get all Marvin Gaye “Let’s Get It On” or Whitney Houston “I Will Always Love You” on them, but instead show a friend or any loved one that you care this Valentine’s Day.

 I’ve asked guys I wasn’t dating to be my valentine before, received cards from friends in the past, and my parents get me chocolates every year. It’s not just about a significant other. So get out there and buy those candies, stuffed animals, and flowers. Stimulate the economy! Or if you’re broke, like many college students, make something by hand. The little things always mean the most. Whether it’s a handmade card or homemade goodies, it’s the thought that counts!

 Also, the Center for Service & Civil Engagement is sponsoring an American Red Cross fundraiser this Valentine’s Day. They have cookies, balloons, and gift bouquets for sale and they deliver. All proceeds go to the Clinton County American Red Cross Heroes Campaign and orders must be placed by Thursday, Feb. 13 at 5 PM.

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