Vandalism arises on campus

A.J. Ganger
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The bell after it was vandalized

Last weekend the bell that sits outside of the Pyle Center was “ripped out of the ground” said the head of Campus Safety, Mike Renshaw. The bell was originally in the bell tower outside of College Hall. In the mid 60s, Terry Miller remembers a rope which hung down in the first tower and a sign that read, “In case of fire ring 10 times.” Also, in November of 1962 the bell was rung after the football team won their first game in 3 years.

In an article written in 1973, Norman Georlich, Vice President for Development, said, “All alumni will be pleased to know that the bell in the bell tower on College Hall will be relocated where it can be rung on special occasions and visible to all who pass through these memorable grounds. The Class of 1973 has provided the funds to mount the bell in an accessible and convenient location.” For almost 40 years the bell has been sitting outside of the Pyle Center.

There are no leads as to who committed this act of vandalism. No one knows exactly where the bell is at this time but this has students buzzing around campus. Pictures of the bell before it was removed can be seen on Twitter and Facebook.

Renshaw said, “I have no doubt that this event was alcohol related.”

When asked about the bell, Madi Ray, a sophomore, said “I don’t think a human could pull that bell off the hinges. Maybe a golf cart hit the bell or another type of vehicle hit it.” A lot of the new students on campus don’t even know there was a bell there in the first place.

Lee Bowan, who works in Watson Library, was surprised to know that something had happened to the bell. He said “It’s gone? What happened to it?” These are all questions many people here on campus have been asking when they finally realize the bell is gone. No one on campus knows if the bell is going to be returned to its place during the remainder of the school year. If anyone would like to see historical photos of this bell visit Lee Bowan in the Watson Library.

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