Wednesday worship open for all

Joe Ledington
Staff Writer

Every Wednesday there is a campus Weekly Worship in the T. Canby Jones Meeting House, next to the Quaker Heritage Center, for anyone interested in taking a few minutes out of his or her busy week for quiet reflection, prayer, fellowship and spiritual inspiration.


The Weekly Worship meeting starts at 12:15 p.m. and lasts for about 30 minutes. It is a chance for students, staff and faculty to gather and reflect on spiritual life. The meeting normally has a speaker who might be a student or professor. Some speakers will give a more traditional testament while others might relate how God reveals him/her self to them though the natural world; however, anyone moved to speak during the silent portion of the meeting is more than welcome to do so, says Dan Kaszetelan the campus Minister.


T. Canby Jones once said, “Every student is a teacher and every teacher a student because each hungers to be taught by the voice of Truth speaking through the other. We expect to be taught by a Teacher greater than ourselves who may well speak through anyone present.”


The Weekly Worship is open to anyone, of any faith, or even if you don’t consider yourself belonging to a faith, you will still be welcome.


If at anytime you are interested in speaking at a Wednesday meeting, or would like to hear a speaker, let Kaszetelen know. You can leave him a message at Pyle Center Box 1244, you can call him at 937-382-6661 ext. 239, or email him at .




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