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What We Witnessed in 2018

 2018 brought a lot of new, exciting, innovative, and world-changing events. Let us look at some of them!


Some of the most popular songs of the year include:

Shown: Cover art of “Thank u, Next” by Ariana Grande
  1. Thank u, Next by Ariana Grande
  2. This is America by Childish Gambino
  3. I Like It by Cardi B
  4. Never Be The Same by Camila Cabello
  5. High Hopes by Panic! At the Disco


Popular movies of 2018 include:

  1. A Quiet Place
  2. BlacKkKlansman
  3. Black Panther
  4. Incredibles 2
  5. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom


Shown: Logo of the 2018 Winter Olympics

There were many exciting sporting events this past year, some you might have forgotten about. Do you even remember we had an Olympics this year? It’s been a long one.

  1. 2018 Winter Olympics
  2. FIFA World Cup in Russia
  3. The Eagles won the 2018 Super Bowl
  4. Villanova won the NCAA Championship
  5. Serena Williams sparked debate about proper sportsmen like conduct


The past year underwent major political events that some argue have our nation more divided than ever. Brook Edwards, Manager of the Student Resource Center, said, “We are becoming less civil, and we have found new ways to be unkind to each other.” Some of these events are:

  1. Democrats Won the House of Representatives
  2. The #MeToo movement went global
  3. The start of the longest running government shutdown
  4. Brett Kavanaugh
  5. Border security debates

Also commenting on America’s political sphere is Professor of English, Bonnie Erwin who said, “Americans are becoming worse at listening to each other. When we disagree about big issues, we’ve become worse at trying to understand where our opponents are coming from. On the bright side, though, I think Wilmington students, faculty, and staff are better at this than most of America. We are a campus where people from very different backgrounds (rural, urban, etc.) and different political persuasions come together. We disagree about things, and we sometimes even clash, but at least we do a good job of trying to listen and trying to understand. So, my takeaway for 2018 is really that America could learn a lot from looking at Wilmington College.”

Celebrity Deaths:

Some of our favorite people left us. I’m sorry to have to remind you…

Shown: Musician Mac Miller
  1. Mac Miller
  2. Stan Lee
  3. George H.W Bush
  4. Stephen Hillenburg
  5. Scott Wilson

Wilmington College student Tyson Williams said, “An event that happened in 2018 that really stuck with me was the death of Mac Miller. He will always be one of my favorite artists.”

WC Student Big Events

A few students had exciting things happen to them, and they offered to share what their 2018 did for them:

  1. Jared Shoemaker: “My mom’s getting engaged after being together for 31 years.”
  2. Kennedy Horn: “Having my dream job set up after graduation.”

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