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Where Do You Stand When Someone Takes A Knee?

The countdown is on! Next Tuesday, November 6th, the next Diversity In Action (DNA) program will commence. This week’s topic surrounds an oldie but a goodie. Where Do You Stand When Someone Takes A Knee? As many loud and proud patriots have voiced, kneeling during the anthem is seen by tons of NFL fans as metaphorically spitting in the face of all those soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice to keep our nation safe. For others though, this brave act of defiance is a courageous stand in the push for racial equality, specifically protesting police brutality towards young people of color.

The event will focus on different aspects of this and it will be approached from each angle of the spectrum, focusing on questions surrounding topics such as Kaepernick, the NFL, and Nike.

Kelly Johnson, a sophomore Social Justice Advocacy major and also the Director of DNA, shares, “We live in a political system right now that is not conducive to cooperation across the aisle” when asked about why she feels these DNA events are important to have on campus. Johnson continues, “that non-cooperation starts when we refuse to talk about controversial issues.”

When asked why she believes controversial issues need to be discussed in the public realm, Johnson states, “A lot of the time we don’t feel comfortable talking about hard topics because we are worried about being politically correct, or offending people, or people thinking differently about us because of our political views. DNA strives to create safe spaces where we can have hard conversations with the hope of bridging gaps.”

If one would like to voice their opinion about this particular issue, you are encouraged to attend the event. The event will take place at 7:40 PM in the McCoy Room in the Kelly Center. All voices are welcome.


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