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Wilmington College Takes on Grand Rapids, Michigan at NACA Conference

Musical comedians, spoken word poets, magicians, and musicians alike gathered to put on a three day showcase for students of higher education. Over the past weekend, students traveled to Grand Rapids, Michigan to attend the Midwest position of the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) regional conference. Wilmington College students have attended this conference in the past and encourage students to go and experience different talents they could potentially bring back to campus.

Every year, students from institutions all across the midwest gather at a convention center to watch different acts perform. These acts vary every year including interactive group activities, intimate spoken word sessions and much more.

According to NACA’s mission statement, the organization is “the recognized leader in higher education providing knowledge, ideas and resources for campus life.” The goal for the weekend is to provide students with different agencies and talents they feel will benefit their campus.

While scoping out the different talents is the main portion of the convention, the organizers also carve out time for students to network with one another and discuss techniques they use on their campus to plan events as well as the methods they use to draw students into the events. NACA is focused on bringing diverse talents to campus while also engaging students as much as they can.

This year, APB members Kelly Johnson and Karmiela White attended the conference with SLEB member, Ariana Riccardi, in hopes that they would be able to bring back different talents they felt the Wilmington College campus would enjoy.

“NACA was an unparalleled opportunity to mix with and bounce ideas off of dozens, if not hundreds of other students engaged in programming on campus,” says the Academic Programming Publicity Chair, Kelly Johnson. “The way the whole convention was set up made it incredibly easy to network with other schools while simultaneously watching a diverse selection of talents.”

Even if the NACA talents were significantly out of budget for schools, they would at least generate ideas for students to take back to their campuses. Different institutes have different budgets which is another reason why the NACA committee seems to bring a wide range of artists in order to accommodate every institutes budget and interests.

“There definitely were a variety of prices so I could tell they were trying to supply every student with a few talents within their budgets,” says Grand Socials chair for SLEB. “They were definitely heavy on the musical comedians so I know that comedian chairs on other school boards had a lot of content to present to their boards when they went home.”


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