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Wilmington College’s annual Poetry and Short Story Competition

This past Thursday, five students were awarded with Kittay Poetry and Bowman Short Fiction Rewards. This is a contest were students get to submit in many forms including poetry and short stories with the chance to win up to $150.

For the Kittay Poetry Competition, the winners were Aaliyah Compton, Shiloh Day, and Crystal Waters. They got the chance to meet Kittay himself and receive their cash prizes. The Bowman Literary Prize winners were Hillary Mitchell, Aaliyah Compton, and Cody Volz. These students were also rewarded with their cash prizes.

“I want to see if there are students who still write,” Kittay says during the ceremony. “To see if there are students who still write like I did back in my college dorm room.” This competition is letting students be free to express their creativity and take a chance. This is usually hosted around the beginning of the spring semester and continues until around the beginning of April. If you think you have the skills to write then why not join in and put it to the test?


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